I worked with Ian closely for nearly 3 years whilst further developing a new innovative kerbside management solution for one of my businesses. This business was set up as technology start-up, securing venture capital, grant and angel funding in addition to personal investment. It then attracted interest from Northgate Arinso as a potential service delivery partner.

Throughout this period of engagement with Northgate Ian's involvement and hands-on approach proved very valuable in helping the business formalise strategy and go-tomarket approach. As a new business it proved to be massively important to have the guidance of a professional advisor who had both an experienced background and the right type of personality to work with me - we proved to be a strong team and made
significant inroads into the company's desired target markets.

The support Ian provided covered several aspects and he worked closely with me and attended many client prospect meetings to assist in moving things forward. He is a hands-on type of person, willing to do whatever needs to be done to help his customer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any business looking to grow or expand into new markets.

Neil Herron, CEO
Activ 8 Virtual Parking Solutions

I have been asked by Ian Meyer to provide a reference and am more than happy to do so.

Ian was introduced to me via a mutual business owner who Ian was already working with in the North East area.

At the time we were engaged in a new venture, assist-Mi, an App aimed at making practical life much easier for disabled people across the UK.

Ian showed tremendous empathy and understanding of the plight of disabled people in accessing everyday services and was useful in helping with strategic advice and business support in helping the company understand how to approach the right partners and identify routes-tomarket.

Although assist-Mi had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and had many contacts across the UK, it was obvious that we needed some help to have a strategy and delivery plan to actually make it happen. This was where Ian helped using his experience and business acumen to work with our team.

Ian has a natural ability to build relationships, whilst at the same time developing a sales and development strategy at a pace that worked for assist-Mi and meant the business could grow effectively and in a structured way. He helped the team to keep focused on the steps required to
be in place to make the business be successful and gain a foothold in the market.

The business is now gaining significant traction in the market and will expand in the future to work within other areas. Our profile has also grown significantly on a national level and Ian's assistance from the very early days was very useful indeed.

With his professional and realistic style, Ian has proved to be a great asset and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses looking for help in starting up or planning to expand.

Gary McFarlane
Assist Mi

I am happy to provide a positive reference for Ian Meyer having worked with Ian closely for over a year whilst I was looking to further develop my virtual PA business.

Having previously worked with Ian whilst at Northgate Information Solutions, I was well aware of his strengths and capabilities as an experienced Business Development Manager and advisor to new businesses. As a result, I approached Ian to work with me in identifying how I could improve my business.

Ian has a very supportive style and helped me to create my business plan and worked with me on identifying the best markets and customer profile. His attention to detail and coaching has been a great help to me in the successful continuation of my business.

Ian has continued to offer support and guidance as the business has developed - in areas such as improving website content, expanding my offering to include Health and Safety assistance to clients and also working with me on my proposition presentation.

With his consultative style and approachable nature, Ian has proved to be a great asset and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses, whether new or established.

Pat Rhodes
vPat Virtual Personal Assistant