So, what can we provide to support your business? 

We will work closely with you as a business owner, Director or Senior Management Team in order to help with areas such as: 

  • Strategy development – how does your business plan to grow? Is your strategy aligned with your Business Plan? Is it realistic and achievable? How are you going to measure and deliver it? Who is responsible for what? What are your strengths and your Unique Selling Benefits? 
  • Clarity and Focus – Are you spending too much of your valuable time IN the business and not ON it? Busy just doing ‘stuff’? What are the key aspects that are going to drive your business forward and what is stopping you getting on with them? Find it hard to say ‘no’? Organised chaos ring a bell? 
  • Sales and Business Development – Got a clear plan? Understand the differences between winning new named business and developing your existing customers? How do you get to market with your product/service/solution? What are the key sales messages that will differentiate you? 
  • Marketing – Are you maximising your spend and is it producing results? What sort of marketing works best for your business? How often do you review what is working and what isn’t? Is Social Media really what it’s all about? What does your website say about you and is it ‘selling’ you? Is networking right for you and how do you go about it? 
  • People and culture – How would people who work for you describe you? Are you getting the best out of your team? Do you always know everything? How innovative is your business and people? Are you missing a trick somewhere? How do you manage your time most effectively? How often do you delegate properly? Do your teams feel inspired and motivated? 
  • Finance – Need money to invest in your growth? What do you need to do to become investment-ready? How can you de-risk matters, for you and the investor? Where do I find the best fit investment package? What alternatives are there?

These are some of the key ways in which we can help YOUR business, so that you can have the type of business you want.

We understand how lonely and hard it can be at the top...we get it, because we live it every day too. Having a trusted advisor to sense-check your ideas, be challenged by them, to hear about other ways of doing things, being introduced to meaningful contacts, to help bring some real clarity to all the stuff in your head…this is how working with an independent business coach works, It produces results, Why else do top business people and sports men and woman have coaches and advisors?