2) New business – the be all and end all?

|| August 25, 2015

How often do businesses look at winning new named customers as the ‘only’ way to grow their business? Much of the time.

Sales is, when it comes down to it, about selling the same thing, profitably, to more people…or is it? What about selling more things to the same people?

It never ceases to amaze me how often businesses don’t really engage and develop their existing client bases. They don’t see this as a great way to drive revenue, increase profits and seek referrals.

It’s an expensive business winning new named customers – think of the time, energy and costs of securing a new client.

So, developing existing clients must surely be a positive way forward as part of your growth strategy. How do you do that? What sort of approach should you take? What messages are you using? Why should they buy additional products/services from you?

We can help your business create a clear, winning Sales strategy for both targeting new and existing customers. We can work with you to identify the winning messages, the right marketing mix and work out the real benefits to your customers of working with you.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, so working with experienced and independent individuals who can share ideas, challenge your current way of working/thinking (where appropriate) and bring some clarity to your approach, can only help.