1) How do you become investment-ready?

|| February 3, 2015

You are looking to grow but recognise you will need some investment to help you achieve this. So, you have your forecasts ready and know what you’re going to say (or do you?)..…BUT, you can’t secure the investment! Why? Or, the terms associated with the investment are just too onerous and stringent. Why?

4 out of 5 investments fail. Why?

Probably because you haven’t de-risked matters. What does that mean?

Well, investors – the better ones anyway – aren’t just looking at the forecast numbers! They can say anything.

What you and they need is a clear plan of what you want the money for, how are you going to maximise it, what timescales are you anticipating, do you have a strong sales/marketing plan to show how you will grow the business, have you got the right skills and/or resources to deliver the plan etc etc.

Scaling and growing a business isn’t just about aiming for a big number, but also about growing laterally - most of the time.

De-risking it for you so you have the confidence that you will not only use the money wisely, but that you can pay it back!

De-risking it for the investor as they can see how good you and your strategy is and are much more likely to want to invest, successfully.

We can help you become investment ready by working closely with you and your team, to create a realistic, meaningful and achievable strategy and plan to seek investment…from the ‘right’ provider.